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Mashbuild Bourbon Batch

Each exclusive batch of Mashbuild is blended from different barrels aging in our solera casks with different flavor profiles and different ages ranging from 2 to 18 years. And because we're 100% transparent about everything we pour, it's all itemized and detailed on every label. With a Gold medal from Tasting Institute.

mashbuild bourbon

Cask House Whiskies

Our Cask House Triple Oak Bourbon and Rye are blended from several bourbons of different sources ranging from 4 up to 8 years old. Hand picked by our lead taster for perfect balances of soft caramels, spice and bold flavors. Exceptional quality for the price point and Rye getting Gold Medal and Bourbon a Silver, both rated "Best Buy."

Cask House Whiskies

MB Signature Finishes

Each of our signature batches brings out a slightly different expression of what bourbon can be.  We carry several unique blends that are finished in barrels that have only the best flavor profiles you can find from around the world.  But no matter which batch of Mashbuild your tasting, all of them bring a lot of whiskey flavor, all are unique drinking experiences, 100% exclusive and 100% delicious!

Mashbuild Finishes

Evans & Pike

Reserve Bourbon

This ultra-aged bourbon is made from 3 different mash bills, creating a flavor profile you won’t find in any other bottle. The taste will certainly remind you of old bourbons, but with a personality that is distinctly Evans & Pike.  A sturdy and beautiful product.  And won Gold at "Fifty Best."

Evans & Pike Reserve Bourbon
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